Vertically Integrated Advanced Manufacturing

MediCA Healthcare is your one-stop shop for the mid-to-high volume injection moulding of your medically compliant component needs. From supporting the DFM process, to detailed tool design & building resources, automation development and implementation… MedicaCA Healthcare has the capability to deliver your entire process in-house.

Advanced Engineering

Our highly experienced and equipped engineering team are ready to assist you at any stage in the product development process, collaborate with you and help design and optimize your design to increase efficiencies and reduce cost.

High quality production of functional parts requires not only state of the art technologies, but also an innovative, dedicated and knowledgeable team. At MPC, we have heavily invested in both today’s highest regarded equipment and our engineering team.

It’s because of this that we are able to consistently deliver high tolerance, functional parts that meet your deadlines… to approved print… on time… every time!

3D Print Prototyping

MediCA Healthcare produces within the qualification

Next-gen Industry 4.0 Manufacturing

In partnership with sister company Molded Precision Components, MediCA healthcare has the capability, equipment and expertise to ensure your projects’ success. With quality control implemented in all stages of the molding process, we specialize in working within the tight tolerances that your projects require. Using a centralized Manufacturing Execution System (MES), we are able to generate and collect reliable data throughout the entire process, resulting in higher quality products and short downtimes.

Complex Medical Components

MediCA Healthcare has a breadth of experience with complex, functional and Class A cosmetic components. Our capabilities include:

Work with local experts.